Association Management Services

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EPC is the first company in Singapore to provide association management services to chambers of commerce, trade associations, professional societies, technology user groups and government institutes/agencies.

We help organizations best leverage their assets to drive growth and build sustained competitiveness. Beyond strengthening organizations’ operating systems, we help champion industry development & growth and set up new associations.

We work with organizations in Singapore and overseas to surface industry trends & directions, study capabilities and standards, and initiate industry-wide upgrading projects.

Please contact us to learn how our event management services can enhance your organization.Our service arrangement is tailored to client-specific needs in whatever the size, scope or level of requirements.  

We offer our experience and resources to support and enhance every possible area of association activity, including:

  • Executive Management

  • Member & General Administration

  • Chapter, Regional & Interest Group Management

  • Financial Management & Accounting

  • Convention & Event Management

  • Exhibition & Trade Show Management

  • Education & Programmes

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Market Research & Statistics

  • Web & Technology Management

  • Government Relations

  • Headquarters Infrastructure

  • Transition Services

We respect your organization's independence and autonomy and our staff team will work closely with your organization's leadership to plan and execute association initiatives, programmes and member services based on your organization's overall mission, strategy and objectives. We would also suggest innovative ideas and new approaches. Throughout all of our work, we ensure that each and every client organization identity - as defined by its customs, beliefs and values - is protected, nurtured and preserved.

We are committed to listen carefully to clients and understand their current needs and future goals. We work continuously to ensure that our customized solutions are achieving goals, driving growth and building sustained competitiveness for our client organizations.

We invite you to contact us to know more about how our association management services can enhance your organization.